Orblue Rotary Cheese Grater and Isabella Dora Cheese Grater

Orblue Rotary Cheese Grater The Orblue Rotary Cheese Grater has an extremely unique mess-free layout that users love. Top amongst them is that the in-built grating drums for collecting the grated food. It is perfect for dealing with tough components like dark chocolate, nuts, carrots, and beetroot. This cheese grater is a 3-part machine .  Isabella Dora Cheese Grater Isabella Dora Cheese Grater is a stainless steel box grater with six sides each with another type of blade. The bottom is fitted with a rubber base for better stability while grating. This rubber base is removable for effortless cleaning. It has life keep-on-grating guarantee. Top one of the foods this grater excels at are cheeses, vegetables, carrots and ginger amongst others.
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